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We have already discussed a similar problem in the following report: Data binding problems when Edit Form template controls are within ASPx Round Panel container Thanks Kate.

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Create procedure sp My Proc input Data varchar(50) AS ----- some logical procedure sp My Proc input Inside Data varchar(10) AS --- some logical --- go ------- What exactly are tou trying to do? How to convert Sql Server Stored Procedures into Oracle Stored Procedures Hi All, I am migrating from sql server2000 to oracle. However, on my Search page, I have declared a number of Select Parameter (Control Parameters, to be specific) objects and mapped each one to its respective control (text boxes and a checkbox). Passing Parameters to a SQL Stored Procedure I need help with a really basic task. Sql Data Source Command Event Args) Handles DS_Edit Master Org.

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(with the parameter set to either empty or populated) When the application is run and the input text field has one or more characters in it then the Stored Procedure works as expected as well. or comprehensive tutorial on stored Procedures with sqldatasource. BPI_Search Archived Batches Script Date: 4/3/2007 PM ******/ /****** Object: Stored Proc... Stored Procedure Parameters not working with Sql Data Source Hi: I'm trying to populate a dropdownlist with results from the following stored procedure: CREATE PROCEDURE Get Divisions For Company( @Enterprise ID varchar(50), @Company ID varchar(50) -- 'ALL' to see all divisions)as Select Division ID from Divisions where Enterprise ID = @Enterprise IDand ( Company ID = @Company ID or @Company ID = 'ALL' )order by Company IDWhen I select "Configure Data Source", the UI correctly finds the two parameter names (less the '@') after I select "Specify a custom SQL statement or stored procedure" and pick the stored procedure. Empty parameter in a SQL stored procedure Hello, How can I establish in a stored procedure that a parameter (date, integer and string) is empty? Rad Pivot Grid allows easy customization of all data reports. Use any declarative data source control (Access Data Source, Sql Data Source, ...

Thanks Hi sg, You should to look this article: you would have to use Three-Tiers architecture for your . SQL Stored Procedure to My SQL Stored Procedure Conversion Hi, I am trying to convert a stored procedure written for sql to one that will work in mysql. Hi, which object or code you are using to run stored procedure from asp.net?

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