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" (Al-Munafiqun, 9-10)"Ako otisak tvog prsta pokazuje tvoj identitet, "otisak" tvog jezika pokazuje tvoj odgoj i tvoj ahlak (ponašanje).

Onako kako se obraćaš ljudima, takav ćeš o(u)tisak i ostaviti u njihovim srcima!

A call girl when used as a means of corruption can be used in two ways: by corrupting directly the man with her sexual performances or at certain point refusing to go on with them without huge payments which forces the man who fell in love with her to accept the proposal of the bribers or corrupters in order to pay her and not lose her.

This is basically the movie story, admirably told and admirably acted by all the performers including the two police inspectors that are trying along the whole movie to detect the corrupting business and arrest its intervenients.

The story is inspired by a Swedish political scandal known as Bordellhärvan which linked underage prostitution with powerful customers believed to come from the highest levels of society.

This film caused a massive controversy in Sweden due to the film alluding to that Olof Palme bought sex from underage prostitutes.

Bruised, the author Klas barricades himself in the eccentric Henry Morgan's huge apartment in Stockholm.

The project cannot be put into practice without the mayor's signature authorizing it and he has always refused to do it, resisting to all corruption and bribery attempts that have been tried to break that resistance.U hadisi kudsiji, Allah, dž.š., kaže: “Ja sam tamo gdje me moj rob zamišlja. Pa ako me spomene u samoći, i ja njega spomenem u samoći.Ako me spomene u društvu, ja ga spomenem u još boljem društvu” (Buharija i Muslim) “O vjernici, neka vas imanja vaša i djeca vaša ne zabave od sjećanja na Allaha. I od onoga čime vas Mi opskrbljujemo udjeljujte prije nego nekom od vas smrt dođe, pa da onda rekne: "Gospodaru moj, da me još samo kratko vrijeme zadržiš, pa da milostinju udjeljujem i da dobar budem!See full summary » Tone, the leader of the gang, returns home after sometime abroad, to try to save his father's life that is on the verge of death, and needs a liver transplant to survive. See full summary » Maria (Soraia Chaves) a sensual call girl, is hired by Mouros (Joaquim de Almeida) to seduce Meireles (Nicolau Breyner), the Mayor of Vilanova, so that he can authorize a multinational to build a high quality resort.However, Madeira (Ivo Canelas) and Neves (Jose Raposo), PJ police detectives, discover the evidence of corruption and begin to investigate Meireles.

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There is also a depiction of Sweden in the 70's and working class fading ideals. See full summary » Five young women are waiting for today's therapy session.

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