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However for a woman, the childbirth process takes much longer and can only be repeated several times.Meanwhile the woman will also want to have her man around long enough that he can help to support and protect both her and the baby. It's an age old struggle but fortunately one that women usually win (that's the good news).If so, you may be dating a man who has subconscious fears around commitment.Ready for Deep Love It is natural that when a man is truly ready for a more deeply committed love relationship that his behaviors will reflect an alignment with the heart’s open energy and desire to become closer to you.In fact it's fair to say that every man is really a commitment phobic on some level or another. There is actually a genetic reason for this guys are designed to spread their seed and their genetics and can do so many times over during a short space of time.Thus they need quantity slightly more than quantity when looking for women and from a genetic standpoint marriage doesn't make that much sense to a man.When you find yourself in this position, it's easy and understandable to worry about whether you'll ever end up making him commit.If you do find yourself in this situation then there is at least one piece of consolation that can make you feel better and that is to know that you are far from alone.

He will say he wants to introduce you to friends, but will not actually invite you to do so.• Will not naturally reciprocate romantic efforts sexually.Men watch films like James Bond and see a character who can have any woman he wants and who journeys around the world fighting bad guys and making a difference.Every man has ambitions above his station as a rock star, an actor, a politician, a super hero or a secret agent and as they get older they find that the amount of time they have to complete these ambitions is slowly but surely running out.The irony is though that he's not going to leave you and if he's not the cheating type then he won't be unfaithful either. And chances are he's not travelling much or actively pursuing that dream career so all he's really doing is delaying the inevitable.An inevitability that he would enjoy just as much as you most likely.

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